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we have a client care program 

Education and a good maintenance schedule are the keys to a well-running, safe & reliable vehicle. A vehicle that is well maintained can easily take you 3 or 4 hundred thousand kms. This is why we’ve developed the Client Care Program.

Client Care Program: When you sign up for the Client Care Program your vehicle is put on a maintenance schedule that is tailored specifically to what you drive, how and how much you drive, and what kind of driving you to do. The manufacturer's recommended schedule is used as a base for the design of your personal program. Sign up for Client Care

service + maintenance 

You know your vehicle. Strange sounds, smells, noises and handling should all be investigated. What seems minor can soon turn into a major repair. Play it safe, have all concerns looked at by a qualified and knowledgeable person.

As the owner of a vehicle it is your responsibility to maintain your asset, keeping it in a safe and working order. Listed here, in an uncomplicated checklist, are some ways you can save money and keep your ride in mint condition.

If you do not feel comfortable checking your vehicle yourself, please ask one of our technicians. We will happily take care of any vehicle maintenance you require.


Monitor your vehicle’s lights. They are there to keep you visible and communicate with other drivers.
• headlights (high and low beams)
• daytime running lights
• signals
• tail lights
• brake lights


• anti-freeze/coolant
• engine oil
• transmission fluid​

• brake fluid flush​

• differentials

• transfer cases

• air conditioning


• battery

Tires: Tireland Autocenter


We are a Tireland Autocenter and we can get you any tire that you need.

We have knowledgeable staff that can work with you to find the best fit for you and your vehicle.

recommendations based on your specific needs

• pressure

• wheel alignment

• tread depth

• balancing

• repairs

• tire installation up to R19.5

• tire sales up to R24.5


• minor detailing and car wash
• chips or cracks in the windshield
• horn
• mirrors
• seat belts and buckles
• windshield wipers
• washer fluid

• out of province inspections


Automotive  Services

• diagnostics

• maintenance and repair

• full vehicle inspection

• oil and fluid changes

Diesel Services

• automotive & light truck diesel engines
• diagnostics
• up to date software analysis for import diesel engines

Window Services

• replacement windshields

• all auto glass repair and installation

Inspection Services

• out of province

• commercial

• insurance inspections

Tire Services

• all applications, all sizes

• tire repair

• balance and rotation

serv + main

It's true

we'll help your performance


• lift kits

• after market performance parts

• exhaust kits • headache racks

• running boards and nerf bars

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